Project Based Collective

A youth-led NGO creating and incubating social development projects in low-income Armenian villages 

We're a small collective of amazing people striving to rural Armenia.​

Through cultural, educational, and entrepreneurial projects, we initiate and support the development of the Tsaghkunk village in mainland Armenia.

What we do

We’re not just a social development program, we’re also an international community in Armenia with focus on local integration. 

Social Development

We utilize the power of youth to create social development projects in Armenian villages. 

Community Living

Our volunteers live in The Cilicia House – our shared home and working space. 

Cultural Exchange

Get a deep insight into Armenia. In the village, you’ll learn Armenian in no time! 

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Music Camp Armenia 2019

A Musical Collaboration

Choratan Restaurant

Village Food for Social Good

Tsaghkunk Music School

International volunteer-led education

Past and Potentially Repeatable


Activation through Art

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Whether you want to teach in the local school, bartend in our restaurant, volunteer in a dog-sled company, or create your own project, we encourage you to sign up!

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Lack of quality education and decent work is making people move away from the Armenian villages