About Us

Our Mission

We’re a social development NGO based in Armenia. We activate and utilize the power of youth to create opportunities for the less fortunate in the Armenian villages. 

Our Story

Our journey started when Jeppe fell in love with Armenia after two years of studying at United World College in Dilijan. He started a small project-based collective housing artists, musicians, writers, cooks, and other cool people whom all worked on a project they were passionate about. Among them, he met Severin, a UWC graduate committed to art, design, and coliving.

Quickly after its opening, we met Hrachya Aghajanyan, an Armenian entrepreneur, together we wanted to expand the collective into a bigger community in the beautiful Sevan region. We founded an NGO and bought some property in the small village of Tsaghkunq. The party grew and we got to work.

Being only 20 years old, we started building the cornerstones of our dream community. The most important features of this community were great family-like connections between residents, an engaging work environment that constantly inspires members to innovate and collaborate, and a commitment to start development projects around the region.

Half a year after running this community, we decided to try something new. Instead of being just a community and space, we decided to focus on facilitating camps and design projects for international young adults to join. This plan seems to be going really good. 

We are 100% committed to making your experience so great you don’t want to leave. We are constantly starting new initiatives and Cilicia Living is moving on to becoming an exciting and diverse umbrella organization rather than just a community. 

Severin is a super smart guy so he is now studying AI in Oslo. He will come back in a couple of years. For now, Cilicia Living is under the leadership of Jeppe.