A Worthwhile Present

Join our mission for a better life of the people in the Armenian villages. 

Cilicia Living facilitates educational and social development and we’re always looking for donors like you to fulfill our mission. 

Things you can donate

Guitar or bass

As our music school quickly became popular, we need 2 guitars and 3 basses to make our education better.

Art Supplies for 20 kids

Help us and the students decorate their school and learn artistic expression at the same time.


Help our accordion students learn by donating an accordion or two. They are very cheap in Armenia.

A fridge that works

Our old soviet fridge somehow inverted itself and now heats the food. So now we have a very ineffective oven.


We currently teach 4 students on one keyboard at a time. A simple keyboard would improve the education a lot!.

10 English Books

We teach over 40 students english weekly but do so with homemade games and flashcards. Books would help.

Armenian Instruments

Buy a duduk, zurna, or dhol for the students in the school who wish to learn their national instruments.

A vacation for the volunteers

When 5 people teach 130 kids weekly, we sometimes get tired - so we're waiting for someone to send us on a weekend trip :))

Want to give something else?

We’re open for all ideas. If you want to donate a horse, a cucumber, freestyle dance lessons, or something else – please press here


Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes directly to the purpose you want it to go to. We’re a registered NGO in Armenia with an Armenian bank account. Your transfer goes directly to us. 

How do i make sure its used correctly

All donors will receive pictures and videos of their donation in use. 

Bonus: If you donate a fridge, you decide the first thing we’ll put in it. 

Can i donate money towards something else?

YES. If you want to donate money for a specific purpose not on this site, please send us an email and we’d love to hear your idea. 

[email protected]

Can i donate something besides money?

Yes, of course. We accept anything you want to hand over. If you have paint brushes, instruments, etc. we’d love to get them.

Armenia has limited shipping options but if you’re sending from Armenia, USA, Germany, Russia, or Denmark, we’ll handle the shipping easily.