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October 28th - November 24th
The Plan

9 Musicians
1 Month
2 Music Workshops

As Gandhi famously said:

"Exploring one of the worlds most interesting countries, working with inspiring musicians, and actually making a change while having a lot of fun.

Man, if you don't go to Armenia, I will"

Going to Armenia for

To co-create

For children who need it

Co-Created Workshops

Cilicia Living NGO creates and facilitates social development projects for local Armenians through projects, camps, and events created by internationals.

Following the Cilicia Living Methodology, our Music Camp is created and facilitated by the participants of the camp. Participants learn big lessons through interesting challenges while contributing to the underdeveloped village of Tsaghkunq. 

As you embark this journey with 8 other aspiring musicians, you’ll collaboratively create 2 music workshops intended to inspire and engage the 30 local children (grade 3-5) in the Tsaghkunk village. 


Camp Leaders


Jeppe Strands

Composer of the infamous "Christmas in Minor Key" album, Jeppe moved to Armenia more than a year ago to follow his dream "to create a project-based community in Armenia fueled by passion."

Through Cilicia Living, he activates youth from all over the world to learn to do what they love.


Asger Bosendal

With a background as a music teacher and music festival creator in Denmark, Asger moved to Armenia to create and facilitate musical projects.

He leads the in-house gypsy jazz band consisting of Jeppe, himself, and Sophus and can come up with a ridiculously bad joke at request (both day and night)


Sophus Holck

Sophus is 90% jazz guitar, 10% human. Sophus came to Armenia to build and open a Music School in collaboration with Cilicia Living and is a driving force behind our philosophical discussions. ​

You can always talk to him about how the traditional music analysis methods are too lacking to be constantly precise

Music Camp


We'll hold the camp again. Sign up here for news!


Arrival and Introduction October 28th - November 3rd

First Workshop November 4th - 8th

Musical Instrument building and Stomp Workshop 
with the children. We prepare the materials, you
create the workshop. 

Second Workshop November 9th - 16th

Building on the skills and lessons learned from
the Stomp Workshop, we’ll ideate a new
workshop concept lasting 7 days. (2 days of planning,
5 days of implementation)


Explore Armenia & Goodbye Party in Yerevan November 17th - 24th


The Tsaghkunk Local School

The Tsaghkunq school was built in the soviet union. Even though Tsaghkunq village is quite poor, the school is still very inspirational. 
Previously they hosted a great art project and the children decorated the now beautiful school with homemade art. 

Our Home

We will live in the Cilicia Home, our spacious house a 1-minute walk from the school. 
Here we’ll cook, do workshops, and rest during our busy days. 

We sleep in 3-person rooms in bunk-beds – built by the Camp Leaders!!


Start of Camp: October 28th
End of Camp: November 24th

It’s optional to stay in Armenia before or after camp. We’ll be glad to host you at Cilicia Living after the camp has ended. 


Workshops, activities organized by Cilicia Living, materials, accommodation, food, airport pickup, and travel within Armenia is covered by the participation fee. Participants pay for their own travel cost to and from Armenia and for the food we eat in restaurants when we don’t eat at home.

Price: $700. Read about our financial aid in the FAQ below. 

What kind of Applicant are you looking for?

We accept any type of person who has an interest in music and want to share it with others. You don’t have to be the next Stravinsky to join, however, if you are completely tone-deaf, maybe apply for some of our other initiatives. 

Age range: 18-25

Good English abilities required. Knowledge in Armenian or Russian is not a requirement at all but would be great to have (since our Armenian is very basic)


When camp is finished, participants can apply to become Camp Leaders at the next camp. 


To be nice to the environment, we only eat vegetarian food. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. 


We accept applicants on a rolling basis = the faster you apply, the higher are the chances you’ll get in. 

Any questions can be sent to ​mailto:camp@cilicialiving

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask every applicant if they are able to donate a sum of money that goes to applicants who are not able to pay the full fee. At the end of every application, we ask if the applicant needs financial assistance.
Applications for financial assistance are considered separately from admissions. When participants are accepted, we ask for them to pay the fee of the camp within 10 days to confirm their participation.
Participants are responsible for their own visa and insurance for the camp. You need an insurance to join our camp. If participant who have confirmed their participation do not have an insurance on arrival, we reserve the right to not let the participant parttake in the camp and won’t be refunding the participant.
Participants live in gender-separated rooms with 2 roommates. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the fee.

The beds are homemade and built by the Camp Leaders! (isn’t that cool?) We promise they wont collapse – we are good builders.


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