A village-made farm-to-table restaurant in Tsaghkunk


What is Choratan?

Unique Farm-to-Table in Armenia

We're a farm-to-table restaurant revitalizing the ancient dishes from the Armenian villages. 

Socially Conscious with a Mission

Our mission is facilitating a unique culinary insight into ancient and present Armenia through our village-created new-Armenian dishes. We find and train young people from the village with little or no education to kickstart their career and create quality jobs in Tsaghkunk, a village with an average salary of $150 per month. 

Made by the Village

We invite international professionals to train locals to become our staff instead of hiring internationally or from Yerevan. This gives them an opportunity to create a restaurant they feel is theirs.

Activating Youth

The concept is created by Jeppe Strands, a Danish 21-year-old who moved to Armenia to make a change. He's the head of the Cilicia Living Social and Regional Development NGO which continues to incubate and give opportunities to villagers with potential to remake their village into something extraordinary. We believe that the united power of youth can change the world.

We're creating a team.

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Head Chef

We’re looking for a quality chef with international experience and a desire to learn how to make Armenian Village Food. 

You’ll be trained by top-quality Armenian chefs for 4 months prior to your employment, create the menu, and be responsible for training a local talent from the village to eventually take your job after a year of training. 

Commitment: March 2020 to March 2021. 


Interior Designer

We’re looking for a slick scandinavian design with an Armenian bohemian twist. We want a full personalized design that reflects Tsaghkunk and its people. 

We will teach and train some local talents to make all our pottery, cutlery, and furniture. Openness to collaborate and find potential partners to teach our locals is crucial. 

Commitment: December 2019 – June 2020æ


Bartender Trainer and Bar Menu Creator

We’re looking for an experienced bartender and cocktail chef whom can create a great cocktail menu with original recipes originating from the village, 

You’ll be responsible for the training of 4 bartending staff from the village. 

Commitment: March- June 2020


Farm and Produce Manager

We’re looking for a Farm and Produce manager to initiate our farm and train local staff to run it. We wish for our farm to be using Armenian and caucasian vegetables and herbs as much as possible but are still looking for expanding the vegetable selection to things that can, but are not commonly grown in Armenia such as chinese cabbage. 

You’ll also be responsible for training a local talent from the village to eventually take your job after a year of training. 

Commitment: March 2020 – March 2021

Want to join us?

Send an email about yourself and your motivation to [email protected]

Any questions can also be sent to this email address.

Choratan is the manifestation of a people, a culture, and a tradition. 

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