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The Cilicia Music School

A volunteer-led Music School in the Armenian villages for creative children with no access to music. 

Ever wanted to hear what impact sounds like?

Join a youth-led impactful volunteering project in a small Armenian village. We teach around 60 local students instruments on a weekly basis and are constantly expanding our efforts in creating Armenia’s coolest musical environment. 

What we do...

Instrumental lessons, concerts, workshops, and loads of fun.
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Guitar Students
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Interested? Here's the details

Teach what you love

We're a super low-key school. We all teach our own homemade curriculum and we have a lot of fun doing it. The community feeling you create with music is so rewarding and the children are generally surprisingly eager and hard-working on their practise (even the young ones).

We constantly share tips and tricks with each other - what worked, what didn't - and the lessons are improving every week.

The Story

When we (3 guys from the Cilicia Living Collective in the Tsaghkunk village) asked the local school if they wanted music lessons, we didn't expect 51 students to sign up.

Apparently there was a need - and luckily there was also a natural connection. From the first day of lessons we loved the students. People from the villages don't have a lot of opportunities - so when an opportunity arises, they take it seriously.

Learn Armenian

The craziest thing is that the students don't know english so all our classes has to be in Armenian. None of us are Armenian but we see it as a fun challenge rather than an obstacle.

From the start, you'll join the Armenian classes we get from the frew local students who knows a bit of English.

Teach your passion


Most frequent questions and answers

The school is open all months of the year except December, January, and February. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, be sure to apply before January to get your spot in March. 

The rent to live with us is $150 per month excluding food. We buy and cook all food together in the Cilicia House. 

We expect at least 2 months of commitment. Anything shorter is not good for the kids. We can’t have people coming in and out all the time. 

We’re part of the Cilicia Living family of social development projects. You’ll live with all of the Cilicia Living volunteers in the Cilicia House – a comfortable home in the middle of the Tsaghkunk Village. You can find pictures of the house on the Cilicia Living Homepage

We are always at least 4 teachers at a time in the Cilicia Music School. We are probably going to be more people living together since Cilicia Living has volunteers from other projects living in the same house. 

Living in a small Armenian village is very interesting and very rewarding but its not for everyone. Volunteers should have all of 3 things:

  1. A strong desire to create value for other people,
  2. An ability to be independent, determine and lead your own work and schedule,
  3. A will to learn some conversational Armenian and connect with the locals.

We promise, knowing Armenian pays off. All Armenian grandmothers will treat you as their own grandchild if you know Armenian – it’s so kind. 

Armenia is an incredible country. Being the first country to declare themselves as christian they have been through many wars over the last hundred years. However, now,  Armenia is very safe. It’s capital, Yerevan, is constantly praised for its great safety. Anyone can walk around the streets alone in the nights. Armenia is one of the most hospitable countries in the world. You can walk down the street and someone random will see that you look a bit foreign and invite you for dinner with their 20+ person family. Be prepared to eat khash (boiled cow feet), harissa (chicken porridge), and millions of their actually delicious dishes. Watch a short video showcasing Armenia here


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